The New Home

Hello and welcome! Since my family and I are embarking on a gut renovation of our new home. I thought I would chronicle our experiences here. I hope this is a way for family and friends to see how things are going. And I figure this site can be a place for my boys to reference in the future if they’re ever interested in seeing how our house came to be 🙂

Now, on to the good part-pictures!

Here’s standing at the front door looking into the living room. The left is the before shot and the right is it’s current deconstructed state. We took out the small half walls dividing the entry way from the living room as well as the wall separating the living room from the kitchen. This leaves us with a nice open floor plan.


The living room. There were built-ins on either side of the fireplace. We ended up removing them because they were not real wood and they were layered in years of sloppy paint jobs. Also, our main living space isn’t huge and the lower cabinet on the left felt bulky and space consuming.

The dining room. We removed the wall separating the dining room from the kitchen. We are also adding a door between the dining room and garage. For some reason, the garage did not have direct access to the house. In the original layout, you had to exit the back of the garage and walk around to the kitchen door. Obviously, this would be less than ideal when unloading groceries/children. Eventually, our hope is to add a mudroom in the back of the garage that will separate the garage from the dining room. Oh the functionality of that!

The kitchen. As much as I love a dropped ceiling in my kitchen, we decided everything must go. Lights, appliances, ceiling, floor, everything!! I am grateful that we are not currently living in the space. As you can see, it is not habitable.

So, that’s the tour. I know the after pictures aren’t much to speak of now, but it’s fun to watch everything transform. More to come!


5 thoughts on “The New Home

  1. dabucks says:

    Thank you for sharing the progress, I love the space that has been opened up! So exited you are making big changes to make the home just the way you want it!

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