Interior changes

Some unexpected demo

So far, I have shared pictures of the main level of our house. The house is a three level split and has a rec room, bedroom, and half bath on the lower level. The lower level was finished with carpeting and paneling on the walls when we purchased it:

Our original plan was to keep the walls and ceilings as is and remove the carpeting and replace it with laminate. The carpet was fairly new, but both Jason and Jackson have a dust mite allergy, which makes carpeting a poor option for our family.

One issue we have been trying to address is what to do about lighting in the rec room. As you can see in the pictures above, the lights are actually built into the window treatments. Very strange. And the lighting is fluorescent lighting, which I’m not a fan of. The electrician has been at our place over the past week working on our main level and she said she couldn’t run the lighting through our ceilings without removing part of them. So, we were debating what to do.

Then, the electrician mentioned to Jason that she used to be a firefighter and, in her experience, wall paneling is like kindling for a fire. Well, Jason happens to be a bit of a worrier, so this comment led to this:


A completely demolished rec room. Sorry, the picture is so dark. The fluorescent lighting is also in that pile.

So, we are now starting from scratch. The good news is, we can now have lighting in our ceilings 😉


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