Interior changes

When one door closes, another one opens

Many thanks to my coworkers for the blog name change suggestion. You guys are awesome!

Last time I gave an update on the main level, it looked like this:

Walls were down, electrical wires were exposed, and the kitchen floors were not flush with the rest of the flooring. Things were pretty much a mess.Here’s a look at our progress:

The wires are gone and canned lighting has been installed. New insulation is starting to go in and new outlets are in place and grounded. As you can see in the first picture, the door that originally led from the kitchen to the back porch has been closed off. This will give more space for kitchen cabinets along that wall. Obviously, we still want access to our back porch, so we replaced the dining room window with a cut out for French doors (pictured right).

Here’s a picture without the door boarded up to give you a better idea of what it looks like:


I think the French doors will add a lot of light to the space. Our contractor also elevated the subfloor in the kitchen to allow the flooring guys to extend the hardwood into this space.

For fun, here are some side by side pictures of the original house pictures next to it’s current state:

Dining room with window (left) converted to open concept with opening for French doors (right).

Old kitchen with a u-shaped configuration in the process of being converted into an L-shaped kitchen with an island. I’m so excited about the island!!

And speaking of the kitchen, our cabinets arrived!


There are a few other boxes in the garage.

Lastly, we had a slight mishap this morning. The dumpster we had parked in our driveway dislodged and rolled down into the road.

I’m so grateful no one was hurt because the boys had been playing around the dumpster all morning. The dumpster guys were out within a couple of hours to correct everything, so all is well. Thankfully.





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