Interior changes


Drywall went up this week and our house is finally starting to look like, well, a house. I can really start to see everything coming together and it’s exciting. There were so many little details to finish before we could get to this point: electrical, subfloor raising, HVAC duct rerouting, moving a waste pipe, etc. The stuff you don’t really think about when planning a renovation, but necessary nonetheless. I’m glad to finally be in the “finishes” part of the remodel.

Now for the best part of any post-pictures!

Here’s the upstairs last time I updated:


Cleaned up, but not livable. At least  the electrical cords were no longer hanging from the ceilings.

And now..


Looking more livable. And feeling more livable too because new insulation was installed behind the drywall.

And here’s the lower level the last time I showed it:


Still a bit of a mess. Exposed cement block and old tile flooring.

And now…


So. Much. Better. Pardon C’s head in the picture 🙂

Now to pick paint colors. Something I love and hate simultaneously. So many colors, so many shades, and so hard to know what those colors will look like in your house. Usually, nothing like the online pictures. If you have any light grey paint suggestions, let me know. I tried a greige in our bedroom and I like it, but it’s definitely more taupe than grey and I don’t think it will work in our main level.

On a non-paint related note, we’ve also been doing some outdoor projects. I’ll post about those soon.

Thank you so much for reading!






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