Interior changes


Sorry for the break in posting. I’ve been a bit under the weather and not up to it. My flu shot effectively made my arm sore for a week, but did nothing to keep me from getting sick. Blah. BUT I’m on the mend now and ready to show some more pics!

Thankfully, even though I’ve been out of commission, progress has continued at the house. The biggest change being the floors getting redone.

So, as a reminder, this was what our flooring looked like last week:

The original oak flooring running in part of the main level and just subflooring covering the rest.

Here are some pics of the flooring in progress taken by the floor guy:

They finger the new planks in with the old giving the floor a seamless look. Jason and I have laid flooring in the past, but knew this job needed done by the professionals.

And they did an awesome job…

Cue angelic singing. Or at least me singing because I looove the way they turned out. The floors are shiny in these pictures because it’s right after they laid the clear coat, so they’re not dry yet.

Here they are dried and ready to be walked on:

Perfection. I chose a color called Jacobean, it’s a medium brown. I love dark hardwood, but it’s a pain to keep clean and Jason and I both are wanting a low maintenance house. Or at least lower maintenance than our last house. I actually should credit Jason for the color choice. I had picked out 3 stain colors from a color swatch and the flooring guys stained sections of our floor with those stains for us to see in the space and decide what we like. However, the day they did that was day 1 of me being sick and I could not leave the house. So, Jason went over and made the executive decision. And he did great.

Currently, in progress at the house: cabinets going in, appliances being installed, and painting. More posts to come!


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