Interior changes

Ready or not…


Saturday was moving day for us. We have been staying in an apartment since we sold our last home and the lease ended. So, we moved into a not-so-finished, but getting oh-so-close home.

We’ve been working non-stop to get as much done as possible. I’ve been painting the main level and Jason has been working on the lower level rec room.

The last time I posted about the rec room, drywall had just gone up. This made a big difference, but there was still a ton of work to do. drywall-4

Walls were looking good, but that tile…


So, back to home depot. We chose laminate in a tone that compliments the flooring on the other two levels. Since the rec room is below grade, real hardwood was not recommended. Plus, that room is going to serve as our tv/play room and I wanted the boys to be able to play without worrying about them scratching the floors.

To prep the floors, we primed the existing tile with Kilz primer. We then taped down plastic to serve as a vapor barrier since the subfloor is a concrete slab. Once that was finished, we got to work laying the laminate (well, mainly Jason got to work. I assisted intermittently šŸ˜‰


In progress. Vapor barrier down, laminate underway, and walls painted.

And some shots after the floor is completed:

We still have to put baseboardsĀ up and do some touch ups, but it’s so much better.

Here is where we started with this room


Not horrible, but not too exciting either. I’ll take better pictures of the after soon. It’s kind of a mess right now with boxes and bins.

I hope you had a filling and relaxing Thanksgiving!




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