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Let the light in

A couple posts ago, I mentioned we closed off the original door leading from the kitchen to the patio:


The door limited the amount of cabinetry we could place along that wall, so removing it allows for a larger kitchen.

We moved the access point to the back porch over by replacing the old dining room window (see below) with a door.


Here’s where we were the last time I updated:


Kitchen door closed off, dining room door opening cut. Unfortunately, the door we ordered got delay-four times. So, progress was stalled and this was our view


Pretty floors, ugly piece of wood covering the door opening.

It took some incessant calling on my part. I might have been a bit persistent-ok, annoying. But our door finally arrived and we were given a nice discount, too.

So, in it went this week

new-door-6Definitely an upgrade from the plywood. It lets in tons of natural light and I now have a clear view of the boys when they’re playing in the backyard.

This is the fun part of the renovation. All of the changes now are huge cosmetic additions and add to the transformation of the look of the space. LOVE IT.

You might have noticed in the reflection of the door, we did put up our tree.


I think this picture sums up the state of our home right now. A little bit of hominess mixed in with paint cans and moving boxes.

Many thanks to my dear friends Kristen and Beth for helping me tackle some of the many items on our long to do list. You ladies are very VERY good friends.

Thanks for reading!




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