Interior changes

The Kitchen

The most extensive part of our renovation has definitely been the kitchen. This was the space we spent the most time planning and the most money transforming.

This week, our kitchen officially became functional. Our contractor came on his day off to get it up and running for us. Many thanks to him and his wife for giving up family time, so that we can have running water! You guys are awesome!

Before I show you pics of the new digs, let’s start at the beginning:


The kitchen when we bought the place-what a gem. A highlight of the space was definitely the dropped ceiling. Why dropped ceilings in a kitchen? The world may never know.

Here’s the space in progress

Pre and post drywall. Walls removed, kitchen door closed off, new lighting, ceiling raised, and electrical updated.

And here it is currently:

It’s not finished, but it functions and we’re thrilled! I never thought I would be excited to do dishes.

Do you spy our elf in those pics? 😉

There’s a pantry going in to the right of the refrigerator. The pantry that arrived with the other cabinets was too short, so we returned it. The new one came in after I took these pics, but it’s not installed yet.

Above the oven will be a microwave and cabinet. There will also be pendant lights and a backsplash.

The back of the island needs to house a return air vent, so we’re going to do a wood feature around it.

So, plenty of work still to do, but what a huge change from where we started!!


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