Interior changes

Progress Continues-microwave, pantry, and my big, beautiful sink

Progress continues in our kitchen and I’m super pumped about the changes. One feature that was in the last update was our sink. I didn’t show pictures, so I thought I would include those in this post.


It’s called a super sink and it’s mammoth. I’ve always had metal, 50/50 over the counter sinks, so this one has me completely spoiled. I can fit even my largest pans easily in it, making cleaning up much easier.

Now, onto the newly accomplished projects. Last week, I showed you our kitchen progress

A functional kitchen coming together. Since this picture, our microwave and the cabinet above it have been installed

Those rotting bananas really make that second pic. Professional photographer I am not.

We were also missing our pantry the last time I posted:


And now


Repeat heart eye and dancing lady emojis because this sucker makes me really excited. SO. MUCH. STORAGE.

It’s funny, because we bought this house with the intention of downsizing and simplifying and we have accomplished that in many ways. However, my kitchen has ended up bigger than the one at our previous house. I am not complaining, it is quite awesome.

We were able to test out our new kitchen this past weekend. We hosted a Christmas party for some of Jason’s coworkers. It was fun to see how the space functioned. His coworkers were very gracious and full of compliments. They were kind not to mention the half-painted entryway with 2 different color doors


Nor did they mention the lack of woodwork


It felt good to have people over and experience our house starting to function as a home where people gather and life happens.


Merry Christmas!










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