Interior changes

What (not) to do when renovating your home

Jason and I have taken on a lot of DIY home renovation projects over the years and the outcomes have not always been flawless. In fact, none of them have been. We have gotten better at certain things and a lot of this improvement has come from trial and error, with emphasis on error. So, here are a few lessons we have learned along the way:

Lesson 1: Hanging pendant lights should not involve children’s books.

I’ve talked a lot about my kitchen island and how much I love it. So, to highlight its awesomeness, I picked out 2 pendant lights to hang above it. We then measured and marked the ceiling where they would hang and Jason, God love him, crawled up into the crawl space to install the bases.

Unfortunately, trying to get both lights to hang at the same height turned out to be quite a challenge. One light would get lengthened and end up too long, then shortening it would make it too short. While this process was going on, I went upstairs to take care of one of the boys, I returned to this…


I’m pretty sure this is not the recommended method for leveling your lights.

In the end, the lights are up, but they’re about a quarter of an inch off from each other.


Hopefully, our contractor can fix this…the right way.

Lesson 2: Buy your baseboard before laying hardwood or laminate floors.

Last time I talked about the rec room, it was coming together nicely

Laminate floors were down and walls and ceilings painted. Then, we went and purchased some new baseboard. Unfortunately, it was a lot thinner than we anticipated when laying the floors leaving us with a problem…

Yeah. Not even quarter round was gonna fix this. So, in the interest of doing it correctly, Jason pulled most of the flooring back up-he actually might be a saint.


He pulled up about 10 more rows than pictured. He then re-measured using the baseboard as a reference and it turned out beautifully:

No gaps!

Lesson 3: Choose the right time to seal your doorway.

This lesson actually comes from my coworker, Ben. He noticed his front door was letting in a lot of cold air, so he decided to insulate it. He and his wife placed weather stripping around their door and sprayed foam weather stripping on top of that. When they woke up…

Insulation fail. Do NOT try sealing your door on the coldest night of the year.

DO dress your dog in sweatshirts because that is really cute.

Finally, Lesson 4: Recruit assistants

I have learned that even if my lights are uneven or I’m ripping up a floor that took hours to lay, having cute helpers makes all experiences better.

They do help keep things in perspective.

Happy New Year!








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