A Winter Themed Drizzle

Since the house has come together enough to have people over, I was happy to offer to host a party celebrating the upcoming birth of a dear friend’s baby. This is her third child, so it wasn’t a shower or sprinkle. One of my friends creatively coined it a drizzle. Essentially, it’s an excuse for us ladies to get together and creatively love on a friend.

Luckily, our contractor started our tile backsplash this week, which provided a lovely background for the food and drinks.


Carrera marble tile in a herringbone pattern. It’s still in progress, but I think it looks great with the cabinets and countertops.

Ok, back to the party. It was themed “winter”-for obvious reasons. winter-drizzle-3

One of the highlights of the party was a hot chocolate bar prepared by a friend. She made the most delicious hot chocolate in the crock pot with various sugary toppings to accompany it.

It was so delicious. Apparently, I think chocolate consumed in liquid form must not be bad for me because I drank several mugs worth.

Speaking of mugs, Jenn hand painted all of the mugs pictured. Guests could select their favorite and take it home with them as a party favor. So creative and practical!


These were so good. I love the one in front “Goals today: keep the tiny humans alive..” Hilarious!

Here’s the one I kept:


Words from a song that has brought me great comfort and hope in the midst of loss. Can you believe she did these by hand? Me either.

The extremely creative Jenn also organized a fun activity for the party-sewing our own mittens. She collected sweaters from Goodwill to use for material. To create the glove, you flipped the sweater inside out. Then, placed your hand on the sweater, just above the sleeve or waist cuff and outlined your hand with marker. After that, cut along the marker line:


I placed my hand right up against the edge of the sleeve so that I didn’t have to sew that side.

We then hand stitched along the edge of the glove:

And voila! A glove is born


Cutest glove model ever. And another practical party favor to take home.

It was a fun, relaxing time with friends. We got to load Ally up with lots of diapers and pray over her and her baby.


She looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?


Thank you Jenn, Beth, Laura, and Melody for all your hard work and happy baby to Ally!







3 thoughts on “A Winter Themed Drizzle

  1. stephanie m says:

    Oh my gosh Emily! Your house is gorgeous! I love everything you’ve picked out – the details of your home and your décor! LOVE! The shower is beautiful too and SOOOOO creative! I could total feel the love, coziness and beauty of it all. Ah – perfect party! I love the way you ladies love, honor, bless and celebrate one another and me so well! SUPER blessed and SUPER happy for you guys. ❤

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