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Backsplash progress

Last I posted, our backsplash was in progress..


It wasn’t grouted and only went midway down the wall.

Thankfully, our contractor has been busy…


The tile has been grouted with a white grout to match the surrounding cabinetry. I like the color because it makes the dark parts of the tile stand out.

I looked at a lot of online pics before I settled on the carrera marble backsplash. Here and here are awesome home decor blogs that helped me make my choice.

Here’s a whole kitchen shot:


So close to being complete! Excuse the pink insulation peeking out from under the window and the back of the island, which needs some love. Still, this place has come a long way from where it started…


It’s hard to believe those are pictures of the same room!

On a totally un-house-related-noted, as most of you know, this past week was quite eventful for our family.


Jason had to have ankle surgery. It turns out, he was missing two ligaments in his ankle and had an unusual muscular deformity that were collectively causing pain and instability.

So, what to do while your husband is laid up?

Dump the hubs at your parents house and take the boys to bounce house heaven.

Seriously, this place…


Kid heaven.

It was fun and wore the boys out. What more can a mother want?

I hope your year is starting out with a little less surgical intervention than ours.
















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