Interior changes

Grey island

One of my most anticipated house projects just wrapped up last week-the kitchen island. Boy, am I excited about this one. The island is The hub of our main level. It’s where we congregate and, up until last week, stood unfinished.


The back of the island needed to house a return air vent, so it couldn’t just consist of the back side of the cabinets. So, our contractor and I decided we should make the island a statement piece. As a fan of Fixer Upper, I have fallen in love with the look of ship lap. So, I channeled my inner Joanna and with some input from our contractor, we came up with this:

The grey matches the cabinets, but you can still see some of the wood grain. It looks awesome.

The vent cover is a statement piece in and of itself:


Isn’t it cool? We purchased it from a company called McNichol’s. Their customer service was great and they’re a Christian company, which I found out after the fact.

So, not a big update, but I am pleased.

The excitement of the island has helped to balance the bummer of our waste pipe backing up into our laundry room. Gross, I mean, really gross. The plumbers are working as I type this to figure out how bad it is. Fingers crossed for a couple hundred rather than couple thousand dollar fix.

On a happier note, we took the boys to Disney on Ice this week.

After we purchased the tickets, we were told it’s more for girls, so we were worried the boys wouldn’t like it. Well, they loved it.


That blur is Jackson unabashedly dancing to one of the songs.

We also employed our usual strategy of purchasing the boys something that takes a while to consume, in this case icees.

It was a lot of fun. I highly recommend it-for both girls and boys…



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