Lila Rose

As you can tell by the title, this is not a home renovation post. This is a post about my sister.

Megan and I did not get along very well when we were younger. I remember someone telling us when we were teenagers that one day we would be best friends and I scoffed. I could hardly imagine such a thing! That statement, however, could not have been more accurate. What a huge part of my life my sister has always been, but it took adulthood to fully appreciate her.

Megan and I have traveled different paths in life. I have always been amazed by her willingness to set aside the comfortable and step outside the norm. She spent several years ministering alongside her husband, Chris, in the Middle East, where comforts were few and safety was always questionable.


Living abroad was a visible act of faith and an awesome one, but I have been even more impressed by the silent faith my sister has maintained. I watched as my sister quietly struggled to get pregnant and then to maintain pregnancies. This struggle went on for years, but most would not have known. I watched my sister rejoice and never begrudge others, including myself, when we became pregnant. She celebrated with us and did not complain because that’s who she is-kind, thoughtful, gracious.


Then, I watched when God blessed her with a beautiful baby boy. She slipped into motherhood with ease, so natural. I watched when my nephew came down with meningitis when he was only a few weeks old and the doctors could not say whether he would make it or not. My sister was terrified, as any mother would be, but her faith persisted. I watched as little Jess’ body was slowly restored and the joy that gave Megan.


Over this past year, I have watched my sister and Chris take the steps toward adoption. A great unknown. And last week, I watched another miracle unfold: my sister got the call, her baby had been born.


Precious baby Lila. An answer to the prayers of a faithful and beautiful woman. A woman who dares to take paths a little less traveled. Welcome to the world, little Lila. You are blessed with one amazing mama.








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