A 5th birthday and a mom fail

Jackson hit a milestone this past week, the big 5. Meaning kindergarten is around the corner and my first baby is definitely no longer a baby.

For his pre-school class party, Jackson and I put together little goodie bags for all his classmates, which included a few party supplies for the in-class celebration. I was proud of myself for not waiting until the last-minute to get everything together. That morning, I triumphantly carried the box of goody bags, that I did not procrastinate in making, into his school; only to realize I had completely forgotten to bring the snack for the party. The most important aspect of a class party and I forgot it. If you know my kid, food is paramount, so no snack=mom fail, big time. Thankfully, Tim Horton’s is right next door to his school, so 20 muffins later we were in business.

Then, came his big party. He wanted an Angry Birds party, so I made the mistake of looking up such parties on pinterest. This is what I found:


Seriously, who does parties like this?!?! I mean, good for this person, but I am not crafty at all. For some reason though, I have placed this pressure on myself to throw this type of party even though it’s just not in my wheelhouse. As I started to stress over all the ideas looming in front of me on Pinterest, I remembered a talk I once heard at a mom’s gathering at my church. The lady speaking talked about being ok with “good enough.” She said we can kill ourselves striving for perfection or we can reach a certain point and declare it good enough.

Keeping this in mind, I ran to Party City, picked up a few clearance Angry Birds decorations and spent a whopping 5 minutes decorating.

Good enough.

It actually ended up being a really fun time celebrating sweet Jackson with family and friends. Jason and my mom did a little bit of face painting…


I actually remembered food for this party…


Note Jackson’s cousins flanking him with looks of sheer anticipation of getting to eat that chocolatey goodness. Hilarious.

We hired a balloon artist, who was amazing…

And, most importantly, Jackson had a blast. He got to be with people who love him.

So, despite the lack of Pinteresty perfection, it was a good enough party.


And I’m ok with that 🙂











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